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Birthday Parties

We don't just train, we celebrate too!

Ultimate hosts birthday parties every weekend. 

Where else can you get a full arena to play sports, with a party room to eat food and celebrate after?

At Ultimate Sports you can!


How They Run

Come in 15 minutes early to set up any food or decorations in the party room.

The kids will spend 1.5 to 2.5 hours in the arena playing sports, run by our party host.

You will then get about 30 minutes to celebrate the birthday and eat food in the party room.

Arcade quarters are also offered for use at the very end of the party.


Standard Package

1.5 hours in the arena

Choice of two sports:

       Kickball, wiffleball, dodgeball, football,               hockey, soccer

Cost: $255

Deposit: $125

Max guests: 20



Ultimate Package

2.5 hours in the arena

Choice of four sports:

       Kickball, wiffleball, dodgeball, football,               hockey, soccer

Cost: $355

Deposit: $175

Max guests: 20



We offer the arcade as a gap-time filler.

A lot of the time parents are coming back to get their kids (don't worry, parents are welcome to stay).

Almost always the kids have 10-15 minutes where they run around the place. 

We offer two arcade packages to give the kids one more fun thing to do.

Standard: 120 quarters for $25

Ultimate: 260 quarters for $50


The Party Rooms

Take a look at our party rooms to see where you'll be celebrating.

We provide tables, chairs, and tablecloth.

Feel free to bring any other decorations, and of course any kind of food!

We have a fridge and freezer, so don't worry about anything melting!

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