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Lessons at Ultimate are held in 30 minute sessions, one-on-one with a trainer.

We combine the trainers knowledge and training equipment with the players specific skill-set and needs to provide the best, most efficient training possible.


Lesson packages are offered in baseball, softball, football, and SAS (strength, agility, speed).

Package Size

1 30-minute lesson

5 30-minute lessons

10 30-minute lessons

20 30-minute lessons 

40 30-minute lessons









Ultimate Sports takes pride in its state of the art virtual pitching machines. 

Throws: fastball, change-up, curveball, sinker

Speeds: 25 - 95 MPH

With three of the machines in the facility, all with a displayed pitcher, we are able to provide the most realistic batting practice. 

"It provides my clients with the greatest stimulus for improvement--the ability to train against real 'live' pitching"

- Paul Cambra, Owner

The Virtual Machines

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