Ultimate provides memberships to those who want to join the Ultimate family. If you come here a lot and are dedicated to improving your skill, then the membership is the way to go. Becoming a member at Ultimate provides the most practical way to get as much training as possible.

 Ultimate wants you to become the best athlete that you can be.   So, we are currently doing a 6-month membership for $99!


For only one person 

$99 payment


What the membership includes...

​Unlimited access to:

  • The Gym

  • Special promotions/discounts

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Join The #USA

Ultimate Sports Academy

"Ultimate Sports is building a true sports academy. We are calling this #USA - Ultimate Sports Academy. Our main goal here is to give clients and families an opportunity to have full access to the most versatile place to train. Parents are now joining the gym while their child trains in lessons or clinics. Kids can come in during free time to get extra work in. It is truly a great atmosphere for all. To be part of #USA, you will be a part of our Ultimate world and our mindset. That mindset being productive, hard training to reach a goal."

- Paul Cambra, Owner